A Tour Of My Plants

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Music is by the wonderfully talented Andrew Applepie open.spotify.com/artist/5BYcwjrQth7em7maAt0yKE
These are the fun and helpful youtube channels (among many) that I like to watch
Planterina - huvid.net/show-UCUIdHDKQIy-vr-D7M6KuRUQ
Kaylee Ellen - huvid.net/show-UCWRyi0LgQqAs7_Zz09VZA-Q
Hilton Carter from Apartment Therapy - huvid.net/u-results?search_query=hilton+carter
Betsy Begonia - huvid.net/show-UCRjGbWm25MaUd3VLuJpPtYg

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Tony Frost
Tony Frost Órája
Bunny is obviously a carrot
Apollo 2 órája
I used to work at a plant nursery and you have no idea how hard it was to leave work empty handed I, too, have named one of my plants after a vine: Renata Bliss, freetstyle dance teacher
Susan's Animations, Videos and Edits
Find someone who cares for you as much as Jenna cares for her plants
Hallie-Rose Davies
I didn’t think I needed this but my god I NEEDED THIS
Alyssa P
Alyssa P 7 órája
Cermet Paesh Bonnet And that dead one
8bitmisfit 9 órája
My palm's name is Ferndinand... like.. like a fern... but not a fern. It's a palm. Yeah. Name idea.
Marysa M
Marysa M 9 órája
We need a spring update video ! You inspired me to be a plant mom
Eliza 11 órája
Haha aw yay I’m genuinely a 32 year old ladddyyyyyy! 🎉❤️❤️ Also I have a black thumb and kill all plants 😭thank you for teaching me your secrets 😍
HYLIAN GEM 12 órája
Honestly... only Jenna can make a video of fucking plants and I'll watch it lmaoo. I don't even like plants :o
HYLIAN GEM 12 órája
Also... when you said "dirt cheap" I expected you to make a joke because dirt... plants... soil... okay byeeee lol
Holly Burleson
Holly Burleson 12 órája
So it’s been like a month and how I have 5 plants bc of this video
treck87 13 órája
5:08 -- JennaMarbles looks like a hot Dr. Evil in the sunlight...*pinky up to mouth..."One Million Plants"
Rachel Johnson
Rachel Johnson 14 órája
This is my favorite video on youtube. I've watched it way too many times! Also, you've successfully made me also a 32 year old lady plant mom
Tiddy Kush
Tiddy Kush 15 órája
Tea King
Tea King 16 órája
I love that you made a video about something I love and doesn't get attention from big youtubers
Red- -Dreamz
Red- -Dreamz 18 órája
How do you spell that online store she kept saying she buys plants from? I can’t figure it out and also this video put me on a down hill drive into being plant crazy, thank you Jenna 👌
Red- -Dreamz
Red- -Dreamz 5 órája
Cassandra thank you!
Cassandra 13 órája
i think it’s Logee’s
Izzy T
Izzy T 19 órája
shewolfinubaka 19 órája
I’ve watched this plant tour at least 45 times
Christine Edwards
Christine Edwards 20 órája
Jenna please post more plant videos 😭😭😭
Gotham is ending and I’m sad
I told myself I wasn’t gonna watch this video. I caved.
ashsoccer258 22 órája
Jenna you definitely sparked something in me and now I’ve got three calathea plants (lancifolia, ornata, and medallion) We have been on a hell of a rollercoaster! I got them April 5th and they quickly started deteriorating until I got them a humidifier, started using distilled water, repotted them with my own mixed potting soil, and got a meter to measure light and water levels for them. I had to cut off leaves from all the plants but IVE FINALLY GOT THEM STABLE NOW It is the 24th! I’m sharing this because I think it will save us all a lot of anxiety if you have all the materials you need to take care of a plant before bringing that plant home 😂💕
Alex B
Alex B 23 órája
Did not know that Jenna was such a plant aficionado! We love plant mom Jenna
robby banks
jenna, i’m 22 and about to graduate from college and you’ve inspired me to become a plant mom. I just got my first plant and his name is Herbert and he’s a beautiful neanthe belle 💕 i feel like i’m an addict now because i want so many more plants
ktr Napja
Isn't anyone going to talk about that fanciesteverexisted- spraybottle?! I need it. Now. WHERE CAN I GET IT?
Rachelle Bourque
That dog though...😂😂 so seeet
Teenage Dirtbag
0:31 when you see it.
Meep Morp
Meep Morp Napja
Jenna: I'm a beginner Also Jenna: Names every single plant in their house and tells how to take care of them
Annie Patterson
This is the calming video that I needed to watch right before my finals
Squishy Mooney
Jenna could literally upload a 30 minute video of just her watering plants or shopping and you bet your ass I'm watching it
This kind of felt like Vogue 73 questions, but with just plants
I had a wonderful ivy for a little over a year before he died and I did love him and I’m sad he’s dead but I didn’t really know how to take good care of him because I didn’t do any research on him before I bought him I just kind of bought him because he was pretty and then I named him Philip but my house has gas heat so it gets kind of dry and my mom is a smoker which really pissed Philip off and I wasn’t home enough to put him in a consistent watering schedule and he was really picky about his water and sunlight so eventually he did die because I just couldn’t take care of him properly but now I’ve actually done some plant research and I wanted a ZZ plant but after I could find one I found a beautiful purple waffle she’s beautiful and I named her Penelope I’ve done a lot of research on her and am currently setting up a little area in my room specifically for Penelope and I’m really excited to see her live and hopefully I have learned my lesson and will take better care of Penelope than I did Philip
Andrea Huffman
Kermit is on the level of relaxation I wish I could be on.
Victoria V.
I wish I could double like this.
Sarah Gallaway
House-sitting for Jenna would be quite the task. 0 _ 0
SM Boyko
SM Boyko Napja
You should get a Prayer Plant! They are my favorite, the leaves lay down in the sun and they fold up in the dark.
Ursula Forrester
The house/life i want 😩 I basically just want a house that’s really a garden
Em 2 napja
Try bonsai trees! I love them!
Cinnamon Bunny
You should buy a rafflesia. I'm just saying.
Jewels Summer
Jewels Summer 2 napja
Why do I relate to her dog so much 😂😂👍🏿🤠
Waffle Productions
Jenna’s next video :my favourite minion memes
Morgan Rodgers
I've watched this video a ridiculous amounts of times and it just makes me so happy💗
Elannah Jessup
Jenna:talks about Rubber trees like nobody EVER has a tree in their house ME:OH MY GOD THIS IS SO COOL AlSO ME (when it is not 2:00 in the morning):THAT IS JUST LIKE CHRISTMAS ALL THE TIME,THAT’S EVEN BETTER!!!
kookoo4pandas 2 napja
Lazy_ Grizzlee
Jenna: I have a plant problem *shows all her plants* Me: I can’t even keep a fake plant how you do that?!?
Abby Seifer
Abby Seifer 2 napja
Hi Jenna, I take care of these really nice trees from India and are not very common in America called “Ming Arailia’s” . They are really neat and happy plants that grow based on a size pot you put them in. I have some that are 6 inches tall and others that are about 3 feet and still growing. Let me have the pleasure in sending you a clipping so you can add em to your collection🙂 Plz like this so she can see this. I want her to have one😂 Edit: my Twitter is @youneedjesustb if you want me to send a photo of my plant babies
Rachel P
Rachel P 2 napja
Just make sure you don't plant Sago palms outside, they are extremely toxic to dogs :) I kill cacti lol
HoneySpiceBee 2 napja
So we are going to need an update when the spring/outdoor plants are in
lilmekenny 2 napja
April Melinda
April Melinda 2 napja
Just bought and potted a bunch of plants today. Got a rubber plant because I thought they were cool in your video. I'm excited
Idek Anymore
Idek Anymore 2 napja
my mom has recently gotten into plants, and my biggest fear is that one day she has just as many plants as you.
Sabrinas world
Jenna: "I'm a complete beginner" Also jenna: has 147 plants
Katie Glauber
Katie Glauber 2 napja
What about a vegetable garden? If anyone could use free produce, it's a couple of vegans lol
LydiaJo714 2 napja
Um. I haven’t made it to 32 yet but...the same switch went off in my brain the other day...I’m now obsessed with plants as well. Jenna. Help me.
Mimi 2 napja
Joy 2 napja
Because of this video, I'm so excited to get some plants for my apartment. Since dorm life won't let me have plants
Halei Tracy
Halei Tracy 2 napja
Jenna, the plant in our office is a ponytail plant. And I know nothing about keeping plants alive. Well, it looks extremely sad. The ponytail is flat and droopy. It is not looking like yours. What do I do?? I water it once a week. Do I tell my boss this needs sun?? There are NO windows where the plant lives. Just office light. 😬😬😬
Ur Mom
Ur Mom 2 napja
Pheriba Lopez
Pheriba Lopez 2 napja
This was really cool!! It made me want to have plants in the house. I’ve always wanted an outside garden since my grandma has always had a beautiful garden.
Isaac Bradley
Isaac Bradley 2 napja
After watching this video and listening to your plant podcast episode I went to both of my local nurseries and got two cacti a marble queen pothos a snake plant a croton which was misprinted and I got it for 2 dollars and a wonderful little zzplant
Naomi Shumpert
every time Jenna compliments her plants, I grow a new leaf
hi i like bands
Jenna is my spirit animal.
fryfold 3 napja
I'm a 32 year old lady man!
Jasper Olson
Jasper Olson 3 napja
i'm only thirty seven seconds in and i love it.
Aaliyah Cua
Aaliyah Cua 3 napja
Do more domestic things for ur fellow 30 y e a r o l d l a d i e s
WeeklyGoodies 3 napja
I bought my very first succulent after watching this video like 20 times. I’m overly obsessed with him already. Thank you Jenna!
The Random maker
The palms name should be 🥁🥁🥁 coconut 🌴 🥥 yeeeeee
Im Jazzy
Im Jazzy 3 napja
You should get some Bacopas. They're soooo cute!
Maddie Ryan
Maddie Ryan 3 napja
Jenna help, I'm only 16 and I'm beginning to do 32-year-old lady things... I have suddenly wanted a garden (I used to always hate gardening) and I am dead set on a lemon tree and a lime tree.
Suhaib 3 napja
Can I just say I absolutely love this video. I've seen it about 10 times and it's just so nice. It got me to buy even more plants and now I'm having such a good time with them all. I love you Jenna!
tøp trash and stuff
name the palm tree "Palm McCartney"
Belle’s Journal
I have never wanted to be a plant more than right now... Jenna can you adopt me
Светлана Клюсова
Дженна, заведи себе Аллоэ Вера👍👍👍👍
She is wearing one of the shirts Julien got her. I just noticed that...
Amanda Huffstetler
We need a plant update.
reywolf74 3 napja
I’m enjoying listening to u talk about plants entirely too much. Wtf happened to my life
Epetra 4 napja
Your bird of paradise plant should be able to be cut down completely in the winter and it will regrow next spring. They have tubers, so they're pretty Hardy.
Child Named child
I wish I could find someone to love me as much as Jenna loves her plants
Holly Peters
Holly Peters 4 napja
I've watched this so many times and now have a wild urge to get a plant
Neal Sabo
Neal Sabo 4 napja
Only Jenna can make a almost 30 minute video about plants an it be entertaining
Brig murphy
Brig murphy 4 napja
I've watched this video 37 times... send help... i love plants
Lilly B.
Lilly B. 4 napja
This video makes me feel so calm lol
hannah pettigrew
This is my fifth time watching this...
Samantha Lassig
Bought my first fiddle leaf fig yesterday in bad shape and I’m a beginner so probably not gonna save it but I’m gonna try! Got it for 5 dollars so pretty excited
Pauline Feng
Pauline Feng 4 napja
Thanks to this I'm now also obsessed with plants. Hoya people, you should check out the true crazy hoya lady over in Sweden. Summer Rayne Oakes just posted a video interviewing her, with over 400 hoyas! huvid.net/video/vide%C3%B3-4f_KIujYS0A.html
Papa Cage
Papa Cage 4 napja
Jenna looks ready for a step grandparents barbecue right about now
Gabi 4 napja
Fucking Kermit, living his best life.. always!
Jamie Massey
Jamie Massey 4 napja
I want to know what brand of soil meter she is using!
Kelly Campbell
Thanks for acknowledging your non-binary friends, Jenna!!! Loves loves loves
Chris Wood
Chris Wood 4 napja
Peach is the cutest
farihienne 4 napja
Love them too, Jenna. 28 year old ladyyyyy 🌿🌱
Cate Doyle
Cate Doyle 5 napja
thank you
Cate Doyle
Cate Doyle 5 napja
this is the best absolute best video i’ve ever seen.
Ashley Giles
Ashley Giles 5 napja
Sometimes I like to come back and watch this video again just to relax
Hannah 5 napja
i’m 17 years old. why is this so entertaining to me. am i a 32 YeAr OLd LaDy?
bee 5 napja
can i get a hoya
Jaime Albright
Why is this video so damn relaxing??? I've watched it ten times.
Amber 5 napja
Here bc ALL of the houseplant people I watch have been talking about this video
Cee Kay
Cee Kay 5 napja
I've just moved, and am watching this video again because I'm excited. I have a little strip of clay soil in my backyard, and it's begging for colour. There's also a metal bar that runs along the fence that could have potted plants hanging from it. I walked around Bunnings (the Australian hardware mecca that also has plants and weekly sausage sizzles) and saw lots of pretty seedlings for under $5, but hesitated and ended up buying $5 packs of seedlings at another store because ?? But I'm excited, I've found a couple of documents on my local council's website (on a page titled Biodiversity) that gives me lots of information about plants that are native to the area, or grow well in the area. I've got a Word document open and am making notes based on what will look/smell nice, will grow well in the area and soil type, and won't grow too huge. I mean I'm renting, but what kind of landlord is going to say no, you can't turn that clay dirt into a beautiful garden? I plan on living here for a while, so I could always remove all that hard work in the future if I do move.
Hayley B
Hayley B 5 napja
do you ever worry about any of your dogs eating some of the toxic ones?
ohhaimaia 5 napja
It actually makes me feel sooooo much better knowing jenna is exactly like I am with my plants
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