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David Dobrik takes a lie detector test. Was he born in Slovakia? How would he rank his vlog squad from best to worst friends? Does he think he's cuter than Cameron Dallas? Did Liza Koshy break up with him? How does he feel that his breakup announcement video is his most-watched video on channel? What's the worst HUvid comment he's ever read? For more David Dobrik check out his HUvid: bit.ly/1ZS52we
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David Dobrik Takes a Lie Detector Test | Vanity Fair










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wisepinecone :3
wisepinecone :3 6 órája
This is torture
Emily Jane
Emily Jane 7 órája
I wanted to laugh through all of this I could feel how uncomfortable he was 😂😂😂😂
Medeea B
Medeea B 9 órája
the fact that this has 6.9 million views
Cami 10 órája
David is my future wifey
sethbroski 11 órája
I like how he said Logan Paul is a sell out as a joke but he was telling the truth😂
haylee 13 órája
Don't worry David. I knew the vine you were talking about.
Micah Roper
Micah Roper 13 órája
“I had two bunnies but my family ate them” “Why did they eat them” “That’s just how it works in Slovakia” Literally the most Russian thing I’ve ever heard
Leta Lestrange
Leta Lestrange 14 órája
Aw I was so uncomfortable for him!
Rutendo K
Rutendo K 15 órája
I like how uncomfortable he was the whole time I found it cute 😂
willy wilson
willy wilson 15 órája
bro, why is he sticking his tongue out like a dog?
meghan finch
meghan finch 15 órája
He’s truly the love of my life. Too cute
Ayla Elizabeth
Ayla Elizabeth 15 órája
It looks like he was forced to do this 😂
Jada Bradley
Jada Bradley 21 órája
David looks so nervous.
Cool Beans Gacha
Cool Beans Gacha 21 órája
David was about to cry when he was talking about Liza, aww poor David 😔
Kyara Perez
Kyara Perez 22 órája
tell me not we all kinda freaked out when they asked if he was high
Sierra Ferris
This is scary
matthew DiDomizio
I’m weirdly attracted to him he he
Chronic Ninja boy
He looks like he has a gun pointed at him
Nanay Mo
Nanay Mo Napja
someonevery average
"How high are you right now?" David: (hesitates),(hesitates a little bit more) Yes.
this old machine is garbage today
chloe davies
I reeeeeeeally don’t like the voice of the guy asking the questions
I_ Don't care
Honesty 4 years before when Lukas graham released 7 years I legitimately thought he was David
Ivelisse Campusano
13:08 killed me😭
Wølfimation .223
I’ve seen 1 video of this channel and I don’t like it. Why? David: please don’t post this (clearly nervous :c) Them: *posts it*
Ryan Evans
Ryan Evans Napja
How this is a lie detector it looks like a interview
Ocean Banks
oh no david , i felt like he was so uncomfortable this whole video. :(
Veronica Caines
He is just adorable.. 💋
Nicole Piro
He was so nervous that he asked if he can stop. Awe I felt to bad. ;(
Wait then... who’s his best friend?!
Stephon Fraser
"Are you happy now" David: "Yes" *SHOVES PICTURE OF LIZA AND DAVID ON TABLE* "Are you...still happy now!"
Stephon Fraser
"Were you sad when your family *INTENSE SILENCE* ate your pet?"
Cookiez 4 Days :3
When he asked whos better looking between two boys and David replies : “My type?” “Definitely Josh”
•Where are The avocados•
Afra Wamia
Afra Wamia Napja
This video is creepy in so many levels...😬
Millie Napja
so mean
Julianna Bashari
idk why but he just seems so uncomfortable and that theyre pushing it too much and that theyre going thru his personal life. especially that relationship and if he smokes weed? i think they went a bit too far for this
Mona S
Mona S Napja
I wanna hug him :((
Palak Chowdhury
Those guys were REALLY CREEPY!!! And i think like they're just invading his privacy at times
Eliza O'Meagher
For a second I thought he said "I had two BUDDIES" but then my family ate them and I was SO confused 🤣
Vapor Skif
Vapor Skif 16 órája
Eliza O'Meagher so did I lmao
Kayla Moulton
Kayla Moulton 2 napja
david reminds me of a little puppy and its the best thing ever
Alexandra Diaz
We thought of the same vine 😂😂
D_-key 2 napja
6:17 me at school
Sarah Scarnecchia
Cool as a cucumber. I’m really high right now.😂
Alexis Gunther
Funny how adept he is at avoiding answering certain questions
April Wright
April Wright 2 napja
kinda feel bad for David
holly smith
holly smith 2 napja
Why does David look like that Pikachu meme in the thumbnail?
Bre Rey
Bre Rey 2 napja
You don’t ask these things you can see how uncomfortable he is and this is so frustrating that they do this.
Kool Gaming
Kool Gaming 2 napja
This is gonna make me cry seeing him be sad about losing liza
Sofia Salemi
Sofia Salemi 2 napja
David looks like he was forced to be there...
nataaa 2 napja
why they keep asking about liza i’m so sad for homeboy david :(
Abderrahim Asry
Why does he hate Logan tho?
roadtrip 3dits
This whole video made me want to cry for him
Bike Trails UK
"Was you sad when your family ate your pets" "No" Tffff😂
Makenna Queen
Makenna Queen 2 napja
"tHiS iNtErVieW iS sO mEaN" guys if David was truly uncomfortable and didn't want these answers out he would've told vanity fair and made them not post this. Calm down lmao
Mona S
Mona S Napja
He wouldn’t do that either way he’s too uncomfortable to do that
I’m going to change my name But for now
This was very weird the interviewer is has a creepy voice, the room is dark and scary looking, David looks very uncomfortable, and the interviewer in a way is bullying David!
Sam Hill
Sam Hill 3 napja
Wait no one gonna talk about the weed questions?
Fede Fortnite
Fede Fortnite 3 napja
1:35 like Jerome vaskie
Victoria Wu
Victoria Wu 3 napja
i don't like this, David looks so uncomfortable...
finger rey
finger rey 3 napja
idk why, but when the interviewer asking 'bout Liza to David, my heart hurts really bad
Shlurm Napja
Same 😭
Cat Lady
Cat Lady 3 napja
What did he say at 2:15?
Hollyjaanee _
Hollyjaanee _ 3 napja
I wanna cry for him 😔 whoever said “I’m attractive to him in a weird way” how it’s not weird, he’s GORGEOUS absolutely amazing
Emily M
Emily M 3 napja
Why you guys got to do him like that?
Shouin 3 napja
Poor Scott and Todd smh
cathy Stout
cathy Stout 3 napja
In my opinion David dobrik is the funniest person on HUvid!
pedro Torres
pedro Torres 2 napja
cathy Stout liked
marley garrett
He is so cute
Orbit !
Orbit ! 3 napja
The guy with the lie detector stared a David when he looked over
Ravenclaw Student
Me: **reads title** Me: ...oh no
Λsuna 3 napja
You can tell David laughs when he is uncomfortable or there's something going on xD
S H 4 napja
This was so painful to watch😭
Courtney Taylor
who else thinks that the guy interviewing is the only one high?
maya w
maya w 4 napja
we didn’t see the results of when he was asked if him and liza were dating... *_hmm interesting_*
Hey Yep
Hey Yep 4 napja
*LIE DETECTOR MAN: ArE YoU HApPy?* *DAVID:YeS...* *nOTicEs LiE* Broke my heart😥
cherrybloom 4 napja
I didn't expect him to say that Zane is a sellout.
BoutThaAction 4 napja
Watched uncle eat rabbit*
JKJammies 4 napja
why they gotta do David like that
It’s Me
It’s Me 4 napja
“Whoa HELLO!” 😂
julie arias
julie arias 4 napja
So no one is going to point out how the needle moved when he was asked are you dating anybody?? I bet he is dating Natalie
Jayden Perla
Jayden Perla 4 napja
Bruh he smokes weed?!!!
Julie Laney
Julie Laney 4 napja
Honestly the fact that he's trying to cover up his fear and sadness with laughter reminds me of me😂
Janessa Lee
Janessa Lee 4 napja
Did anyone else notice that when the guy said are you dating anyone the monitor spiked and yet David said no smh lmao
Chloe Rose
Chloe Rose 4 napja
I hated this
Siya Patel
Siya Patel 4 napja
He’s so freaking cute like omg 😂😍😭
Sushipool 4 napja
So we learnt that David likes guys with wives lmao 😂 Oh and his best friend is 50 😂
Sundar Thomas
Sundar Thomas 4 napja
Who ever does your audio needs to be fired
bruh Am TRYING
*This was kinda sad* *he looked like he wanted to cry*
Anna Villalobos
im in love with him wtf
Greg S Downer
Greg S Downer 4 napja
He is so much cuter than a 6.
Kimberly XO
Kimberly XO 4 napja
Emma isn’t funnier than David lmao 😂
venus 4 napja
david is the cutest
Poor David said "do you got tissues" when talking about liza awwww
Kora Vlogs
Kora Vlogs 5 napja
Omg that dude laughed at him for playing tennis
Lizbeth San Martin
I am weirdly attracted to him
DIRAK Gamer 5 napja
Omg, why does he look so sad, this hurts to watch.
Tara 907
Tara 907 5 napja
That last “no” was too cute 😁
Scarî 5 napja
5:17 I was trying to guess who number 2 was and I was guessing random names... I thought if Todd... Now I’m freaking out...
I am a Potato
I am a Potato 5 napja
I love how even though David is so nervous but he can still say jokes and be so funny🤣
Ana Sanchez (Student)
I feel so bad for him. Honestly i could tell how nervous he was during the whole process. When the detector detected a lie when he sad he was happy, i literally broke. 😢 David if you read this, i love you so much
Annie Shreeve
Annie Shreeve 5 napja
15:36 that was so cute 😊😊
Aqua Finx
Aqua Finx 5 napja
David smokes weed 😦
Mike Lind
Mike Lind 5 napja
Dont understand the Logan paul part
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