Game of Thrones | Season 8 | Official Trailer (HBO)

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The trailer is here.
The Final Season begins April 14 on HBO.

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2019.márc. 5.






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darth vader
darth vader Órája
Endgame- iron man dies😭😭😭
Rizahri Órája
0:16 varys seeing the dead of the crypt?
Hải Trương
Hải Trương 4 órája
WARNING: “i don’t want to die a virgin” card only work if you are a girl or a super hot guy like Jamie. Fugly guys should never try dis at home
samusa03 4 órája
I have never been more excited for a fight since Adrien said "Win" in Rocky 2.
Fernanda Trancoso
In 1:26 i think arya is fighting a dragon 😱
Lu Xan
Lu Xan 54 perccel
I think you could be right on this, especially considering they also show the moment she sees Danys Dragons arriving to Winterfell in the Trailer. They wouldn't do that without a reason.
BestClips MoviesAndSeries
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Meet Hindocha
Meet Hindocha 9 órája
Does anyone want to know how giantsbane got his name?
abhishek rapper
abhishek rapper 10 órája
When is episode 3 going to come cant wait 🙃
None Asdfghj
None Asdfghj 6 órája
27th on us time 28th on Indian time
Pasek Parikesit
Pasek Parikesit 11 órája
Where is Sir Tony Starks and Sir Michael Bolton ?
Vinit R Rai - VRR Sutra
Hey y'all, so this is my version from latest Game of thrones, Season 8th's 2nd episode. Do give it a listen and subscribe my HUvid channel if you haven't already. PS: Plug in your earphones for best output. Cheers! 🤘🏻 huvid.net/video/vide%C3%B3-QxdIGNFrWr0.html
TRASH MAN 11 órája
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Supreme and Astute
Supreme and Astute 12 órája
*Guys this is what going to happen* Mark my words. Jon is the Azor Ahai and he will kill night king and die. Jon won't tell anyone about his claim to the throne. And Dany won't die. Arya will die so as Sansa (remember the crypt clip). Theon, Jaime, tormund, davos, pod, hound, johra (200%). Sam will die. Bran won't. He'll be the last stark of winterfell. After night king's death his responsibility as a TER will come to an end. Don't know about briene. Tyrion will survive he'll be the Queen's hand (already he is). Jon's baby is already in Dany's womb. They are the last targaryen successors. You know "Men do stupid things for the love" It's R.R. Martin, mate. He's such a A*s we already knew from the death of Ned. We may different favourite characters like arya, Tyrion etc. But deep inside we all know Jon's death will hurt us most. and that's what will happen. *Come in the comment section after season finale*
Lorcep Cuizon
Lorcep Cuizon 12 órája
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Lorcep Cuizon
Lorcep Cuizon 12 órája
hey awesome trailer of game of trones can's wait for it
Lorcep Cuizon
Lorcep Cuizon 12 órája
4maisland Yao
4maisland Yao 13 órája
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pants 16 órája
we are all gonna perish lads
Fat Pancake
Fat Pancake 16 órája
the only shots i assume are after ep3 are the tyrion one and the drogon one at the very end
The_Howler 17 órája
When Arya is running she's carrying the head of her spear. And as she turns a corner it almost looks like Snow is following her
MrCake BehindCam
MrCake BehindCam 18 órája
Guys don't let this distract you from the fact that Cersei still wants her elephants
Kemal Abi
Kemal Abi 18 órája
Guys don't let this distract you from the fact that Cersei still wants her elephants
Gilbert Jacky
Gilbert Jacky 19 órája
So Bran, Samwell and Tyrion live hmm... (night king doesn't win haha)
MrMcDuck 19 órája
i hate that this is the last season ;(
Jack Long
Jack Long 19 órája
Dislike this if there a dinosaur in your backyard and like this if there is grass in your backyard. If u don't follow these rules i will come and eat all ur cookies
Jack Long
Jack Long 19 órája
Like = game of Thrones dislike = T-series comment = The walking dead comment and like = pewdiepie
Milena :p
Milena :p 19 órája
The hottest season!
ТЁМА 21 órája
your watch is over, mournful edd((( i think he gonna leave us in the 3-d episode
ТЁМА 21 órája
Never wanted to leave, never wanted to leave....((((((😭😭😭
AKSHAY pashet
AKSHAY pashet 21 órája
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Adri 21 órája
The crypt full of dead bodies. A bomb already inside Winterfell.
Christian Trammell
Christian Trammell 22 órája
Why isn't the season 8 available for purchase on HUvid? I don't have television , this is the only way I can watch it. The HBO Go app the only for HBO subscribers.
Amine Moughanime
Amine Moughanime 22 órája
danpetru 23 órája
who else thinks varys will betray them and try to take the iron throne? i think he still has a role to play
Naomi Richardson
Naomi Richardson 23 órája
R those are 2 dragons at 0:25 flying just above the ship?
Vivek Thakkar
1. Jon and Daenerys will die. 2. Their son will become the King. 3. Tyrion will become hand of the king and take care of the king and make all his decisions till he is ready to be King. 4. Jaime will kill Cersei. 5. Sansa will die. 6. Arya will marry Gendry and will become lady of Winterfell. 7. Bran will sign a peace treaty with Night King and will take his place.
Cheikna Diallo
😭😭😭😭😭Que le temps passe, bientôt the end of GoT...😭😭😭Si ça t'attriste, pleure avec moi.😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Lucas De Jong
I just started watching GoT, it's so good. btw for anyone interested i watched it on watchgotonline org they did have some anti-takedown verification. takes 1-2 min.
Aryan Alok
Aryan Alok Napja
I love you daenery
Kemal Abi
Kemal Abi Napja
Arya rly just pulled the ''I don't wanna die a virgin'' card,works every time
John Amissah
John Amissah 19 órája
Kemal Abi chat.whatsapp.com/L1wf08ZfHmKIlIjSr8P5Ab
Barbe Rousse
“Everything you did brought you to where you are now, where you belong : home.” Is Bran talking to Theon ? Is Theon the real "old friend" he was waiting for ?
Soma Elnory
When I have time to watch I will .
Alex Grogan
Сделайте сериал бесконечным пожалуйста
cat ✨
cat ✨ Napja
i think that's sansa standing to the right @ 1:04
MrCake BehindCam
Arya rly just pulled the ''I don't wanna die a virgin'' card,works every time
S K Napja
Rácz Béla Rácz
are you ok?😂😂
Yoshita M
Yoshita M Napja
After episode 2. Watching it again nd again
El Botija
El Botija Napja
Nayeem Haque
They lose the battle, few survivors run off and the NK goes and levels KL ... Eh?
_mish .sara_
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Im Legit
Im Legit Napja
r.s.b 1997
r.s.b 1997 Napja
THANK GOD IT'S OVER ! worst show ever ugh
Autumn Brown
Wow, ok. So most of these clips are from the first 2 episodes, and the rest look like they’re from the 3rd. The only person this trailer seems to confirm survives next weeks battle is Tyrion, at the end there. Oi, the anxiety.
Giovanni :v
vayanse a lavar las tetas
Arian Napja
1:05 this scene was cut from 1st episode after Euron goes out the door. Cersi into tears after telling her "i'm going to put a baby into your belly"...
Richard DelVecchio
Only thing in this trailer past episode 3 (based of episode 3’s trailer), is Cersei sitting on the throne in a dim lit hall smiling and drinking.... hmmmmm
angelsface200 13 órája
No they showed that scene in episode 1. The closeup of her drinking the wine is right after Euron said "I want to put a prince in your belly". I think the only scene that's after episode 3 in this trailer is the one of Tyrion looking up (implying he's not in Winterfell anymore).
Richard DelVecchio
Doesn’t look good at all....
Wendel Santos
Essa poha não pode acabaaaaaaar aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Not So Toasty Boi
I love the fact that they don’t show any footage (I think) of any episodes after the third one. It leaves us thinking what will happen after the battle...
Methuselah Napja
Let's be honest Where here for the dragons
dbleo Napja
All of this footage is from the first 3 episodes. HYPE
Comrade Petrenko
Is there a reason to live after season 8?
Angelica Sparrow
never wanted to leave...
Sunny Singh
Who is here after E2 ??
Sham Adams
Sham Adams Napja
So it ends.
Jasper Arce
que miedo
indian thakur
Guys look on varys face in the trailer is definitely confirming dead starks are no more dead. 😂
som25 747
som25 747 Napja
Imagine the whole season is a dream of ned stark and he wakes up screaming winter is coming.
What if in 1:29 Danny kills Jon..?That would be dopee😂
Not So Toasty Boi
dbleo saaaaame
dbleo Napja
nah I hope Jon kills Dany
Rafael Rodrigues
Arkady Colom
Sansa will take over the iron throne without even having a wish for. No, I don't know the ending. I just feel so.That would be a classic signature and unexpected Game of thrones twist. Tywin Lannister once said that the man who says " I am the king" is no a true king. Being queen is just the same concept.
White Walker
I'll snap my fingers in episode 3 and half of the characters will die.
Mr. Anonymous 001
Winter is coming
الحوباني EQ
I nvr watched thise
Rovin Napja
We know NOTHING pass episode 3 from this trailer. That's kind of scary to think. Maybe a bunch of people die and become White Walkers, or maybe King Landing's going to be covered in snow and they didnt want to spoil anything. Smart move on HBO's part. Now I'm eager.
Hodor Napja
Perri Mitchell
FUCKING HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ganesh ranadheer jampala
mando8000 2 napja
it already started?
Javi Mínguez [Orgem]
Oh, boy. It's going to be a looong week.
nripinder kaul
what is the music which starts at 1.10.??
Erkan Erkol
Erkan Erkol 2 napja
if Jaime dies in 1:04 i will riot
Lu Xan
Lu Xan 47 perccel
I am actually pretty sure, that the scene from 1:03 is Briennes death. You can see her fighting surrounded by wights and then they cut to Jamie shouting "No!". I think it's Podrick in the background. So I don't think it's his death scene yet.
Veeresh Kakkalameli
So this whole trailer is made from first three episodes.
wolfie 10161
wolfie 10161 2 napja
If podrick dies I'm gonna be pissed
LaRaZa18xx 2 napja
What if Bran is talking to the Night King
martin kehaiov
Hello guys, you may enjoy some GOT articules here: storero.us/ have an eye
Fabrizio It
Fabrizio It 2 napja
who is here just to get more information about the next episode? 🙋‍♂️😂
Oudoille Oville
The child is running in the crypt because the dead are coming alive again?
Autumn Brown
Fabrizio It yeah and I’m not getting much
A B 2 napja
I think Daenerys will sacrifice herself and her last words would to Jon would be : After all you are the real heir to the iron throne.
Roy Diza
Roy Diza 2 napja
Wow!This trailer is so awesome,I can't wait to watch it.Oh my god😯And im happy and I know you're happy toopill lets watch this video link to make us allfeel laugh and happy wishes2.com/vwxZE
brian kiprop
brian kiprop 2 napja
Bran is going to survive.... I have not heard him say those words anywhere... Who is with me???
Tong Wang
Tong Wang 2 napja
GoT shows HUvidrs how it compiles the least informative and meaningful footage into a random 2-min video, which shows nothing useful for its viewers, and still gets 60 million views...
Manisha Med
Manisha Med 2 napja
I came here to search for shots or hints. I realised i have seen 90% of this 😁
Göktürk Topuz
My opinion : Night King is on his way to Kings' Landing.. Possibly episode 3 or 4
rae juliano
rae juliano 2 napja
I bet Gendry will die in episode 3 ...
Lu Xan
Lu Xan 45 perccel
I don't think so. He still has to make kings rise and fall, which hasn't really happened yet. It is his prophecy from season 3.
Instant Shutdown
I bet Arya will end up faxing him as a wight. For all we know she's running away from him at the beginning
Jim G
Jim G 2 napja
Mmhhmm....is it safe to say that Sam, Bran and Tyrion are safe from the Night king's wrath? Their trailer shots are yet to pass😉
Zooqan Pawar
Zooqan Pawar 2 napja
They keep on saying the crypts are safe. I think it's not, bc that's where all the "dead" Starks are buried. . .
Iceseeker54 18 órája
We will see...
Monkey King
Zooqan Pawar Stark are the first to burn the dead, and even if it is not the case, dead for years, they will not have the strength to go out under tons of earth and stone.
loka loka
loka loka 2 napja
so this trailer is only for episode 1-3 there must be another trailer
Instant Shutdown
It might be to prevent speculation on who will die or survive
ye8ruehd 2 napja
this is dope
This trailer only has shots of episode 1-3. We know episode 3 will be the battle and most will die so wtf is going to happen in the last three
Kemal Abi
Kemal Abi 2 napja
When the night king sees Jamie ''That's Jamie Fooking Lannister''
MrCake BehindCam
When the night king sees Jamie ''That's Jamie Fooking Lannister''
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