How Humans Broke the Game

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TierZoo 10 napja
Dis Fukin mans right here
TierZoo plz mate MAKE MORE VIDS, you were amazing at editing these
Calen Crawford
Calen Crawford 14 órája
Although brain size is important, what you spend the intelligence points on is even more important. Humans spent their points on useful things which made them think better, while Neanderthal brains supported...animal-like behavior. Could you do a guide on what you should spend your intelligence points on? lastly, please respond with a yes or no.
carrick maile
carrick maile 16 órája
Any updates on the Antarctica server?
yblaze 19 órája
They aint fukin wit the team 🙏
james jamka
Yeah love your channel
Denn Josh
Denn Josh 26 perccel
*Who the fuck is playing this game?*
Dominik Hering
Dominik Hering 31 perce
1:46 XD
R. V. B.
R. V. B. 39 perccel
Homo Sapiens' wide foraging/hunting strategies might have allowed them to live in smaller areas with larger populations; they might've outbred Neanderthals (as Neanderthals are still in our DNA).
R. V. B.
R. V. B. 40 perccel
Neanderthals also required more food due to their build and bigger brains
GorillaBBQ 50 perccel
Man, armed with nothing, is considered easy prey to dangerous wildlife. Man, armed with the greatest defense and sharpest blade, can become the most lethal killing force in the wild. Man, armed with the most lethal ranged attack and proper training, is considered the most deadliest individual humanoid and creature on the earth. Man, armed with flying planes and impenetrable machines are the most deadliest force to all that ever roamed the earth. Not even medieval dragons would be able to stand up to the combined military machinery. Man, armed with the power of the strongest bombs, have the power to devastate the planet in ruin, and ultimately, themselves. Man are intelligent, foolish, selfish and potentially the most deadly of creatures with the natural ability to learn and pass knowledge. Man is intelligent enough to craft rudimentary spears and bolas to change from prey, to top tier hunters. Man are foolish enough to learn of knowledge that is to not be meddled with and pass it on, believe what is passed down from generations without question, and pass on lies as well, and it can go so far as to become ignorant of the truth. Man are selfish creatures, there greed of knowledge and power can possibly reach no bound, ultimately becoming self destructive to themselves and the very surrounding wildlife. Man are the most deadliest of creatures. They can learn things and pass down the knowledge to later generations, infinitely making their later generations stronger. They are foolish creatures who can lack common sense, and make foolish judgement upon what is told, and how it is told in a altered and untrue manner, convincing themselves with lies if they called for such extremes. They are selfish and can become erratic under fear, enraged by hatred, and consumed by greed. And lastly... Man are wise creatures, as they can learn from their mistakes with there vast intelligence and correct them, overcoming all the negative aspects of their human origin. That is why, man will be the rise, and fall, of their own race. And maybe one day rise again, and continue rising. Because the wise man, the homosapians, learn from their mistakes.
Nikola Miklic
Nikola Miklic Órája
ayeee cuddie
ayeee cuddie 2 órája
wait is that runescape music in the background?
Mage 2 órája
Where is this footage from?
TheOtherAxis 3 órája
What is this?
IrishBasterd 3 órája
Love the Halo Reach reference at 1:36
K Constantine
K Constantine 3 órája
"Home server of Africa" is outdated information.
Micro Data
Micro Data 3 órája
fire plz
Sterling Burton
Sterling Burton 5 órája
So... how does one BEAT the game? I heard a rumor that the head dev's son beat the game. I think his gamertag was CHR15T. He has a large clan following.
FBI 5 órája
u smoked some stone dont ya ?
MrLeva115 6 órája
I love you
Trevor Glenn
Trevor Glenn 7 órája
You should talk about the human's ability of genetic tampering.
Andrew Kim
Andrew Kim 7 órája
Pleas make a video game where u can pick an animal and play in a multiplayer world (maybe a battle royale)
YT Grant
YT Grant 8 órája
I am confused is this about a game or real life
Dee Light
Dee Light 9 órája
That intro was beautiful.
Ethan Creates
Ethan Creates 9 órája
That's how Mafia works.
Sebastian Jobst
Sebastian Jobst 10 órája
This kind of videos are just amazing
ThatHomie Wolf
ThatHomie Wolf 10 órája
I thought this was a game but it isn't ~_~
Prod. Steven
Prod. Steven 10 órája
This is so well done
wiLLiam 10 órája
Lando P
Lando P 12 órája
Hey TierZoo, I know I'm late so this probably won't be seen, but I heard the devs were toying around with the idea of eliminating the human race over a steady period of nerfs and biome changes. Could you do a video on what this would look like if it were to happen?
TasteBotTM 12 órája
You forgot the skill to be able to mate and reproduce at any time they like
The yeet People
The yeet People 12 órája
Insect tier list
SCP- 3199
SCP- 3199 12 órája
Neanderthal’s has physically bigger brains but that has jack shit to do with intelligence Also I could totally take a woolly mammoth
Ahmed ManiyarUni
Ahmed ManiyarUni 13 órája
HHAking gaming
HHAking gaming 13 órája
A system developed by human players talking about the game it is on.
Build a WALL
Build a WALL 14 órája
Why are you acting like you are not human you not fooling anyone
Harry Toast
Harry Toast 14 órája
The best way to explain biology,an online game
HazeCake 14 órája
where can i preorder the game?
Turbo Ja
Turbo Ja 14 órája
Runescape themed science video - of course!
Dean Estes
Dean Estes 14 órája
Commented for the appreciation I have in your choice of music. Idk if you know it but you used a clip from Yugioh GX Beginning of Destiny on PS2. Spent more hours on that game than I spent in the schoolroom. Nicez
JackgarPrime 14 órája
The scariest thing about humans having such a high Intelligence stat is that it tends to increase upon itself. Every generation has a higher and higher IQ than the last on average, and the level of intelligence humans have reached allow them to develop methods to increase the intelligence even further. While there are factions of players who, for some reason, seem to be trying to nerf their own advantage by making the buildings used to upgrade intelligence harder to access for average levels of the player population, it still trends upward all the same.
two slices a day keep the doctor away, my guy
Chinese master race!
kapil busawah
kapil busawah 15 órája
Why isn't that documentary on Nat Geo out Eden?
Trent Lindsey
Trent Lindsey 17 órája
There are rumors of an incoming balance patch that adds a new class: eldritch. Can you do a video on this? like so he can see
Cesare Bauer
Cesare Bauer 17 órája
this video is really similar to the start of the book called "sapiens"
MinuteHistory 17 órája
This is epic content!
Zach Attack
Zach Attack 18 órája
You think you could make a video on the weirdest and most outlandish builds currently playable?
scheisstag 18 órája
Just the concept of this channel makes me cringe. A lot of theories stay unproofed till today. In the clip they are shown as facts. Some things are simply depicted clearly wrong in this clip. Neandertahls never developed range weapons, says the clip: simply not true in reality. Neandertahls switched fractions: never heard of this before... and so on. So a nice attempt to make science easier to understand....but it should be still science and not just random made up stuff.
fcentauri8 18 órája
🤣🤣 The video game motif of this video amuses me so much
Dean Estes
Dean Estes 14 órája
fcentauri8 it’s the whole channel. Lol not this video. It’s an entire movement of people. Look up “Outside the video game.”
brian mcbride
brian mcbride 18 órája
Can i play this game
MD. Jiad Parvej Joy5
1:47 Mozambique? Wait a minute....!
yblaze 19 órája
Humans got so OP they started fighting each other 🙏
Lieutenant Lon McQ
Lieutenant Lon McQ 19 órája
100% bullshit
MinorSacrusPyro 20 órája
N8THEGR8 20 órája
That halo reach ref gave feels
Kyrenaz Kanir
Kyrenaz Kanir 20 órája
Can you do a bird tier list? Take all the Notable birds like Eagles, Ravens and maybe parrots, add in small birds like sparrows and such for good measure?
Mini Fag
Mini Fag 20 órája
Learning History the more fun way!
Mini Fag
Mini Fag 21 órája
Real Life: 'The Game'
Anonymous Crab
Anonymous Crab 21 órája
Neanderthals apparently had better memorization skills, but weren't as good at inventing as homo sapiens
Xander Katz
Xander Katz 21 órája
Should humans be banned? Kinda unfair imo
Ollie the baby shark
Make a vid about the monitor lizard build. They have good intelligence and power
Atomclub 1
Atomclub 1 21 órája
What is this is it a gane?
Aiden Prucker
Aiden Prucker 21 órája
Do city meta tier list
Keaganite 12
Keaganite 12 22 órája
"Infighting is their greatest weakness right now" Jesus fuck that's accurate as hell.
That nod to Animal Planets The Most Extreme had me screaming!
firebarrier 22 órája
can you do the kea
White Eagle
White Eagle 23 órája
I'd like a legacy Pangea server for nostalgia. Would be nice to have a go at the dinosaur meta before the Cataclysm balance patch hit and made mammal builds viable.
Nathan Jora
Nathan Jora 15 órája
White Eagle I’m sure the legendary player Elon Musk will have non avian dinosaurs resurrected when he’ll finished the quest « The Martian », that way we’ll be able to recreate these past ecosystems on Mars.
Vlad Gapchenko
Vlad Gapchenko 23 órája
Life: Im I a game to you
Ali Kizilkaya
Somebody should make a game to this. Primate Wars ^^.
Love dis bro
S K Das
S K Das Napja
And then Humans invented CHEATS
A hole in the Wall, where men can see it all
so humans have the most potential when playing an mobility based build?
Sam Harvey
Sam Harvey Napja
What is the video in the background called?
Ruben Haak
Ruben Haak Napja
Human op
Nitro Shibe
I'd like to see how you talk about martial arts
s n 0 0 z e
Mozambique here
R Rockwell
R Rockwell Napja
Having a "larger brain" has nothing to do with intelligence.
Nathan Jora
Nathan Jora 7 órája
R Rockwell yes, more important. As in « brain size matters, it’s just not what matters most ». Exactly what I said.
R Rockwell
R Rockwell 11 órája
+Nathan Jora Whales and Elephants have larger brains than humans. Neural connections and bloodflow are more important than size.
Nathan Jora
Nathan Jora 15 órája
R Rockwell it has, it’s just not as clear cut as big brain=big intelligence. I mean, obviously an ant’s brain couldn’t allow anything to be remotely as intelligent as even a mouse.
Leviathan 17 órája
+sauce megamind
sauce 17 órája
then explain my 300 iq
Sam von Kleist
Gage French
Wow almost the whole team carted (Only MH fans will get this)
Aggro Traveler’s Bucket List
1:26 “that nigga can walk”
Cestarian Inhabitant
The neanderthal build sounds like it would now be sustainable in europe and north america. It's fun to think of the world as a game, makes you realize that 'science' is just us looking for more exploits to make winning even easier. In some parts of the world we're already at the stage where people can sit around doing nothing and still end up winning.
Raj Singh
Raj Singh Napja
The benefit of intelligence, team building, cooperation, and foresight. Slow but steady climb, now we just have to spec into global leader stat so we don't murder the rest of... well... life.
I'd love to see a video analyzing outdated builds that continue to be played even after more optimized builds have been discovered, such as the coelacanth, tuatara, okapi, and frilled shark. Nostalgia for the old days can really hold some players back.
Snail Bob
Snail Bob Napja
So Neanderthals are solos in RUST
Working Whiskers
Had to pause the video to say, I love this content so much. Thank you.
Jessica Alburn
Mozambique here
Samuel Faber
You should make a proposed patch on how users/admins can prevent future environmentally-related bugs from messing up our current build; various mobs being pulled from the game, natural disaster events and unchecked industrial griefing are messing with gameplay. Do you think our development too robust for our engine? edit: thought of better jokes
Cthulhoops Napja
This channel is totally hosted by someone who gets his ass kicked in pvp by humans on a daily basis.
MrDarkyosh Napja
Somewhat funny how people still don't know about research proving Africa was not the home of man. It's a touch weird since its been well established as a fact since like 2008
siraj Napja
I really thought its been a month but it has only been a week. I need a new video
Kommissar Antilus
their disadvantages were their biggest strength, because hardship makes for stronger men that learn how to succeed in failure, the problem now is that our life is so easy that creates many weak men, and weakness manifests in violence, most of the times against the weakest, the classic example is the stereotypical husband that beats his wife because he had a bad day at work
BrianVoid Napja
first humans in europe werent sub saharan afrikans I'm sure
Supreet Sahu
Still waiting for virus tier list.
Tina Fawson
If Homo sapiens is level 99 what level is Master Chief then?
Raj Singh
Raj Singh Napja
level 999 Genetically modified alien/human hybrid with ai perk and demigod armor. Pretty op.
you know, its funny that evey single person watching is a human main. imo Overrated AF.
Raj Singh
Raj Singh Napja
Only competition there is. Other then the universe trying to kill us, that's always a problem too.
Alabar3000 Napja
that active players chart lmao
NinjaMamut Napja
The like counter of this comment is the amount of people who would subscribe to Curiositystream if they fund and broadcast a TierZoo show.
Jeff Lee
Jeff Lee Napja
Humans are op, the high intelligence plus the opposable thumbs perk is a force to be reckoned with. This why you always put points into intelligence with ape builds.
Bill Chaos
Bill Chaos Napja
Can you also make a video explaining the history and evolution of the world from this part until today again like a online game ??
Templarfreak 2 napja
One of the recent leading theories is that Neanderthals didn't actually just disappear as much as we thought and bred in with us a lot more than previously expected.
JokerCrowe 2 napja
I don't know if you take suggestions for topics to cover, but I'd like to see which builds have reached the MAX in a stat. For example, you've shown that Blue Whales have the MAX in HP, and that octopi have the MAX in Stealth, and Humans have MAX in Intelligence. But what about Power, Mobility and Defense?
Josiah Sepulveda
Josiah Sepulveda 23 órája
What makes octopi worse is that, although they have the max in stealth, they also are high in the intelligence state. Luckily, though, humans have used their Intelligence stat to craft thermal vision devices. So it all balances out.
Maciej Staszko
what means stl?
Zel 2 napja
I can only imagine how many evolutionary biologists and other experts not familiar with MMOs have stumbled onto this video and thought, "WTF is going on?"
ice checksolvea
hyenas don't attack creatures taller than them. weird fact but worth mentioning.
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