Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker - Teaser

Star Wars
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Every generation has a legend. Watch the brand-new teaser for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.










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Chirantan Mukherji
No one's ever really gone *palpatine: WHADDUP PEASANTS*
flarS 2 órája
Why is the Star Wars logo blue??? this is frightening
JJPatty 2 órája
Thanos: I will be the villain of 2019 Palpatine: Hold my blue milk
Dennis Horne
Dennis Horne 2 órája
Oh dear. Bring back George Lucas.
Account Bag
Account Bag 3 órája
The trailer is a Disney ad + an Apple ad. But I have hope there's a storyline.
Jaycito 3 órája
We still don't know the power of the dark side
tatt oo sticker
tatt oo sticker 3 órája
This is great and all guys but what about the droid attack on the Wookiee’s?
Create Account
Create Account 4 órája
I already know J.J about to kill it. The force is strong with this one.
Денис Любавин
Movie New X
Movie New X 4 órája
Good movie
GalaxyParrot 5 órája
JacksFilms Made it Better
saibor800 X
saibor800 X 5 órája
A Koss Productions
No one’s ever really gone when there’s still money to be made
DriftedPianist 49
Palpating laughs at the end
Thorstein Malkjærn
Star Wars Episode IX Return of the Senate
AugmentedGravity 5 órája
Woun't even come close to Endgame.
Richard Grafton
Richard Grafton 6 órája
“No one is ever really gone. Eat your oatmeal.” - Noa Briqualon
DanitZa -'
DanitZa -' 7 órája
Daisy Ridley ♡
6lemans10 7 órája
“No one is ever really gone"....Admiral Holdo emerges out of hyperspace.
RedHeadphones6 7 órája
2014 - Skip work to watch trailer. 2019 - Waits 2 weeks because I can't be bothered.
MOO 7 órája
No one is ever really gone? We need to get this information to Gary Busey.
águila 7 órája
Why would anyone thumbs up this garbage. Star Wars ended at episode 6. This recent trilogy is an insult to actual fans.
Max Lewing
Max Lewing 7 órája
Luke: “No ones ever really gone...” Mace Windu: “Sheeiit, negro that’s all you had to say”
Memeilicious 7 órája
But what about the return of the droid attack on the wookiees?
JJ Abrams fixing all of Ruin Johnson's b.s. from TLJ. I believe this will be the best out of the three.
Lamiek Laurence
Lamiek Laurence 8 órája
A Person
A Person 8 órája
This is great and all guys but what about the droid attack on the Wookiee’s?
Sean Ramzan
Sean Ramzan 8 órája
Knew you were still out there Jar Jar
John Cordeau élève
That new mask do ⚡️🏧🏧😍😍
Cloudy 9 órája
I loved episode 7 and loved episode 8 even more! Hoping episode 9 will be awesome !!!!! :):)
Yuki Eiri
Yuki Eiri 9 órája
So ... what's with the Ray vs. TIE running competition?
Culichi Channel
Culichi Channel 9 órája
No one is ever really gone. Spider-Man: Mr. Stark, I feel good.
jersey boiii
jersey boiii 9 órája
Please stop making Star Wars Maury Povich copies Luke he is your father
e bear
e bear 9 órája
I wasn't planning on seeing episode 9 because 7 and 8 were so bad but you dragged me back in Disney.
Mariocco Argi
Mariocco Argi 9 órája
Domhnall Gleeson my favorite actor .i believe thats a good movie
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Daniel Judd
Daniel Judd 9 órája
Thanos: I will be the greatest villain on 2019 Palpatine: Hold my Democracy
Michael Wright
Michael Wright 8 órája
Sam Matthews
Sam Matthews 10 órája
These movies used to be fun. But we all know that women leads can't have fun. #tryingtoohard
The Legendary Noob Devil
1553 things you missed in the star wars trailer
Imagine-Era Adventure22
Light Side for Imagination. Dark Side for unimagination
General grievous
General grievous 10 órája
*Cough cough*
Truman productions
Truman productions 10 órája
But why was there a lone tie fighter with her at the start? Liked the palpatine part though
Luke Burbank
Luke Burbank 10 órája
MrAssyran 10 órája
We protecc We attack Most importantly We wish Rose doesn’t come bacc
Trends of Today
Trends of Today 10 órája
“No one’s ever really gone” iconic quote
Stogie2112 11 órája
♫ I'm dreaming of a Force Ghost War Christmas .... ♫
Pimp Megatron
Pimp Megatron 11 órája
Knights of Ren HMMMMMMMMMMM 🤔
JasonPlayz 11 órája
If you like star wars and you dont want it to end. like this comment
JasonPlayz 9 órája
WORLD'S BEST 11 órája
End like what?
gamernewsTV 11 órája
Essam Sheikh
Essam Sheikh 11 órája
Worst trailer I've ever seen
DylanDude 9 órája
It’s a teaser, not a full-blown trailer.
WORLD'S BEST 11 órája
Man baby needs a bottle
Essam Sheikh
Essam Sheikh 11 órája
Thank you this is exactly right
RMKBL SEIZE 11 órája
So is this the let episode??!
Flying Penguin
Flying Penguin 12 órája
captions: EMPEROR: **evil laugh** deaf people: **shock**
Clint Bronson 5
Clint Bronson 5 12 órája
Sad.... I use to get excited for these trailers but now 😔. Still will see it and never forget the feeling I had seeing the orig in 1977 on the big screen
Ruthless Rob K
Ruthless Rob K 12 órája
mary sue part 3...maybe the next saga they will actually get it right without the politics
WORLD'S BEST 11 órája
You're the one who's seeing politics where they don't exist
mynameis bob
mynameis bob 12 órája
I'm struggling to get excited about any star wars movie anymore...
DylanDude 9 órája
WORLD'S BEST Being aggressive like this will convince nobody.
Africanclaw 12 órája
Wouldn’t bringing Palpatine back completely undermine Anakin being the chosen one and destroying the sith
Stogie2112 11 órája
Not necessarily. Prophecies are often misinterpreted. The "Chosen One" was supposed to bring Balance to the Force. We can argue that Vader did exactly that. He created a Zero Balance. He destroyed everyone - Jedi and Sith. After the events of Return of The Jedi, Luke was starting from scratch.
WORLD'S BEST 11 órája
Alex Guillen
Alex Guillen 12 órája
Ghost battle, luke and Palpatine
82SAW 13 órája
I’m not falling for it again. Except for Rogue One the new Star Wars movies just haven’t really been that good. 🤷🏻‍♂️ The clone wars cartoon has better storytelling. The new movies are a dumpster fire.
82SAW 10 órája
No the movie just sucks 🤷🏻‍♂️ sorry
WORLD'S BEST 11 órája
Man baby alert ⚠
Zodiac Sign
Zodiac Sign 13 órája
Not too excited after the Last Jedi but hoping for something good. Prolly will read the spoilers first to see if they returned to Star Wars canon with this one.
Zeus RPG
Zeus RPG 13 órája
MonsterHunterRoon 13 órája
I'm sorry, I just can't do it. I can't subject myself to more heart ache and disappointment. I just want Disney to know I'm just not doing it this time. I'm going to stick with my Theatrical Print DVDs of my original Trilogy where Han's still alive, Leia is an inspiration to both men and women and Luke is a hero.
+WORLD'S BEST No, poor female Star Wars Fan since the 70's that doesn't drink the SJW cyanide laced Kool Aid like you do. Begone SJW Disney Plant.
WORLD'S BEST 11 órája
Poor baby
Jordon Noah
Jordon Noah 13 órája
What kind of noise is in the beginning of the trailer soo weird
Tod Prescot
Tod Prescot 13 órája
What’s going to do better at the box office. This or Avengers Endgame.
Stogie2112 10 órája
Tod Prescot ..... Both films will make a ton of money, but Endgame will leave Star Wars in its dust.
Emily Kruger
Emily Kruger 11 órája
Tod Prescot Avengers Endgame
Prince Hamlet
Prince Hamlet 13 órája
Palpatine with the outplay
The Gamer Sennin
The Gamer Sennin 13 órája
If you don't like... No need to distribute hate. Thank You
Things In Life
Things In Life 13 órája
In Loving Memory of: Carrie Fisher We will miss you Princess!
Manu Gulati
Manu Gulati 14 órája
Stop ruining Star Wars please
WORLD'S BEST 11 órája
Stop ruining it for the fans that enjoy these sequels
Bram Van Roo
Bram Van Roo 14 órája
This cant be the last one
Cedric King
Cedric King 14 órája
Aaron Dela Vega
Aaron Dela Vega 14 órája
I really hope emperor palpatine returns HAHAHAHAH
Mr. Lēvvsly
Mr. Lēvvsly 14 órája
Palpatine returned to shove Darth Vader into the well again, a complete disgrace.
Frost Poiint
Frost Poiint 14 órája
If no ones ever really gone where is my dad??
Anton J
Anton J 14 órája
Only here for the sounds and music!
Reverse Hollow
Reverse Hollow 14 órája
"No one's ever really gone..." Alderaan meteor shower quite likely.
huckle byrne
huckle byrne 14 órája
Star wars died when it was sold to the devils company.
Pannenkoek 15 órája
Rey is a Skywalker luke is the father of rey
WORLD'S BEST 11 órája
Pannenkoek 15 órája
No one’s is ever really gone. Palpatine is dont gone 1 he’s still alive 2 or thas was his gosht
Zumbi Doidão
Zumbi Doidão 15 órája
“No one is ever really gone”. And then Darth Vader’s Breath appear
baza7008 15 órája
So will this really be the last one then??... or will it be a case of... never say never!...
baza7008 13 órája
+DylanDude cheers.
DylanDude 14 órája
This is the last film of the Skywalker Saga, which has lasted since 1977. There will be more films.
Charlie Feese
Charlie Feese 15 órája
Paplitines laugh is in the end
19grand 15 órája
Oooh Rey
Elias värling
Elias värling 15 órája
Better than endgame
Emily Kruger
Emily Kruger 11 órája
Elias värling Avengers Endgame looks a lot better than Episode Nine
Anton Källenbom
Anton Källenbom 15 órája
Emperor: I have been FALLING for 30 years!
Adam G
Adam G 15 órája
Does anyone else see Rey’s lightsaber moving down to disable Kylo’s tiefighter as it flies under her?! 😱Calling it! 💯💯💯
Grace Newsom
Grace Newsom 16 órája
Also, 1:21 So nobody noticed this? I mean, what even is that? It looks like a kid's toy.
DylanDude 14 órája
It’s Dio. He was shown off at Star Wars Celebration.
Nour Nour
Nour Nour 16 órája
Don’t sub to me :0
Spillin some super tea!
maura pivirotto
maura pivirotto 16 órája
can't wait for this to come out! if no one is ever really gone, who is coming back?
JDL R 17 órája
Thank you George Lucas for making Star Wars for children and thank you again for selling the franchise to a SJW company and who has completely destroyed the lore and gave us a cringe Mary Sue hero! Your respect for the fans will be remembered, always.
panggop jio
panggop jio 17 órája
WILL THERE STILL BE PORGS?!!!!!>!!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!
Jean Francois Agati
Very good
Nicholas N
Nicholas N 17 órája
Louie Harding
Louie Harding 17 órája
Next teaser trailer Palatine Says "The Senate Is Back" *Goes To Black* JaJa Binks "Mesa Called JaJa Binks"
Sonny 17 órája
Which Skywalker is rising?
Ronoc Toblat
Ronoc Toblat 17 órája
+Sonny I'm just guessing that what it is, as there are no skywalkers still alive
Sonny 17 órája
+Ronoc Toblat Thank you I didn't know the name had a meaning. Is there a reference in the films to the meaning of the name? I think they are trying to say that the Jedi is all part of a big family tree which has been separated with time!
Ronoc Toblat
Ronoc Toblat 17 órája
Skywalker is not a person it's the new name for jedi
Sigurd Refsvik
Sigurd Refsvik 18 órája
He bake cake with flour He let cake bake an hour Ha taste cake and it’s sour But most important He got unlimited power
Simon_8Ball 18 órája
I know there’s 500K likes but 70K dislikes made me audibly oof
Channel Marketing
Channel Marketing 18 órája
Jamesw1230 18 órája
I felt like I was watching a super smash bros reveal when seeing this trailer
Zonkko 18 órája
1:15 proof that disney doesnt know how lightsabers work
Lucas Johnson
Lucas Johnson 18 órája
"Rise of Skywalker"? That's the best they could come up with? ..ugh.
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