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On the road of life there are old friends, new friends, and stories that change you. Watch the new trailer for Toy Story 4 now, in theatres June 21.
Woody has always been confident about his place in the world and that his priority is taking care of his kid, whether that’s Andy or Bonnie. But when Bonnie adds a reluctant new toy called “Forky” to her room, a road trip adventure alongside old and new friends will show Woody how big the world can be for a toy. Directed by Josh Cooley (“Riley’s First Date?”) and produced by Jonas Rivera (“Inside Out,” “Up”) and Mark Nielsen (associate producer “Inside Out”), Disney•Pixar’s “Toy Story 4” ventures to U.S. theaters on June 21, 2019.

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John L. Rothra
John L. Rothra 9 perccel
Looks like TS 2 put into a blender, rebuilt, and then called "new." Tastes like classic, but not quite as magical (e.g., New Coke).
Matt Matt
Matt Matt 9 perccel
I might cry bruh I'm so glad Tory story coming back I loved watching it growing up man.
Lucas Bueno
Lucas Bueno 10 perccel
Não sei se choro ou se fico feliz com este trailer
Luca Seclì
Luca Seclì 10 perccel
1:35 Tin Toy Easter egg
Tech 10 perccel
Who is excited for Toy Story 4? Me and my mum are! We are big fans of the Toy Story films.
J Elliott
J Elliott 10 perccel
Qeisama 10 perccel
Waiting for Toy Story X Annabelle Now THAT will be mindblowing!
Makeup’O Daisuki
Makeup’O Daisuki 10 perccel
OMG I can wait for this Wooody voice 🥳🥳😁😁🤗🤗
TheGamerKid vela
TheGamerKid vela 10 perccel
Poor andy
Fringin Yogurt
Fringin Yogurt 10 perccel
This finna ruin the full series innit ☹️
spencer sister
spencer sister 10 perccel
PointlessConnor 10 perccel
That definitely wasn’t Andy! Like the wallpaper was stars not clouds and I don’t remember his moving those buzz light year posters hmmmn wonder who it is. Maybe it’s a new kid? And the bit where says “old friends” is trying to be sneaky idk?
Pokémon fan
Pokémon fan 11 perccel
Andy is coming!!😂😂😂
foxwolfy animations
forky: top 10 characthers can beat thanos
shahadat hossain
shahadat hossain 11 perccel
Faris Alkhalifa
Faris Alkhalifa 11 perccel
Ok I'm excited but no more toy story sequels after this. Also this better be as good as it is in the trailer
A Better Tommorow Studios
My heart.....:')
Brian Gallant
Brian Gallant 11 perccel
hi you please make a move cars 4
LŁ Clan Channel
LŁ Clan Channel 11 perccel
Michmichouyouyou 11 perccel
24h : 14M 1 month : ?¿?¿
Bugskully SMA V
Bugskully SMA V 11 perccel
Who thought the fork toy is from andy's son or daughter? Because its look like a baby fork xD
Ikethekillerwhale 11 perccel
Did i just see an Andy flashback?
SingnDoll 11 perccel
That's one confusing *Storyline* ...
spencer sister
spencer sister 11 perccel
Spencersiter website
Dawood Ibrahim
Dawood Ibrahim 11 perccel
Inhales To infinity and beyond!
Christy Dennemont
Christy Dennemont 11 perccel
I still don't understand why there is 4 toy story movies whereas they only did 2 lion king (the third doesn't count for me)
NSFilms 11 perccel
Who's voicing Mr Potatoe Head?
LES FRANÇAIS VOUS ÊTES LA ????? 🇫🇷 🇫🇷 🇫🇷 🇫🇷 🇫🇷 🇫🇷 👇
Gray Wolf
Gray Wolf 11 perccel
Disney is the richest studio in the game, so why are they still milking old franchises? First they destroy star wars, now Toy Story? Whats next? A 3rd incredibles that will be worse than the second one?
Mohini Joshi
Mohini Joshi 11 perccel
Wish to experience these types of toys in real life ............... #love
superbond900 12 perccel
Number 1 on trending!
Mitz 12 perccel
OMG !!!!!!!!
Flash Freeze
Flash Freeze 12 perccel
Didnt Bo kiss buzz in toy story 2?
THE PURGE MAXIM 12 perccel
Yair Ran
Yair Ran 12 perccel
Sera un exito en taquillas ! Y mas para los que tienen 17 años a delante hasta los 28 años por que es él publico que creció con esta hermosa pelicula mas vale que sea una pelicula inigualable y con un final unico porque sera la ultima no deserciones jajaj la esperó con ansias 😭❤
sabry man
sabry man 12 perccel
9 3w 4
9 3w 4 13 perccel
Ow .... no no is a fake ?
Luis M
Luis M 13 perccel
This is so amazing! I want to see it! :D Whoa, those toys (ventriloquist dolls) from the Antiques shop are a little bit scary hahah :O
hariansi panimba
hariansi panimba 13 perccel
The beach boys!!! Finee
Alyssa Jaurequi
Alyssa Jaurequi 13 perccel
yay the movie is only 7 days before my birthday im so exited
Limt Music
Limt Music 13 perccel
I see rtx 😂😂❤️❤️❤️❤️
CheesyGiratina 13 perccel
So that's what happens when you lose a toy.
Greenherring 10
Greenherring 10 14 perccel
This doesn't look interesting
Faheem Shaikh Mohammad
What does Seamus Gorman see in this?
Gianna Jara
Gianna Jara 14 perccel
I always wondered what happened to boe :D
ganso riko :3
ganso riko :3 14 perccel
No mames xdxdxdd
MASIB Javid 14 perccel
They said the ending will make you cry .. but nothing can .. I cried it all when they were separated from Andy .. no ending can up that
noah 14 perccel
I dislike this.
Gray Wolf
Gray Wolf 14 perccel
Really Disney?
BrokeCollege Student
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LIFEANDROID 14 perccel
Nutella Chocolate
Nutella Chocolate 14 perccel
B Reed
B Reed 15 perccel
Dang did Andy get plastic surgery or smt
Nikki Wright
Nikki Wright 15 perccel
Toy Story 5: The gang is stolen by Chris-chan and Sonichu comes alive. The climax is having to survive a house fire and Barbara falling asleep on Buzz.
Ankh D immortal
Ankh D immortal 15 perccel
I miss when toys were actually the main thing for kid's entertainment. It is what created my childhood memories. Oh the imagination and the creativity. Nowadays all my younger siblings have electronic devices. No more imagination, I guess it is an end to a generation.
Andrés Pugliese
Andrés Pugliese 15 perccel
My parents bought me the VHS of Toy Story for my 10th birthday. I used to watch that movie again and again back then. I'm a big boy now but I still adore Woody and Buzz, as they're part of my childhood memories. Last week, I was going jogging and a few blocks away from my house, I saw this incredible scene: a little boy holding his mother's hand and with his other hand, he was holding a replica of an original Woody, I mean the actual big floppy doll just like the movie. It made me smile, I never thought I'd ever see something like that so out of the blue! Hope the 4th is as cool as the rest. Pixar has really nailed it with this amazing story.
Zack Lee
Zack Lee 15 perccel
I can't bealive the way the movie looks, is it ray tracing? Something about the look of the trailer looks more "life like"? Its amazing! Love pixar's animation!
ItzLuckyGamer YT
ItzLuckyGamer YT 16 perccel
Esta cosa es real hijo xd
Ricky Vance
Ricky Vance 16 perccel
Carl Wilson
jett reo
jett reo 16 perccel
ツPedrinh0wm 16 perccel
Rodrigo Sánchez Gómez
Literally no one: Disney: i’m fast af boi
Chi chan
Chi chan 16 perccel
The best time of the year to release a movie.
Ozark Willie
Ozark Willie 16 perccel
please no more
Harrison Rau
Harrison Rau 16 perccel
Not gonna lie, this looks kinda bad.
Rahft 17 perccel
I don’t care how old I am I’m squaring up with any kid who tries to take my seat in the theater 😂
Iron Flower
Iron Flower 17 perccel
Next year toy story 5.. deadpool joins the cast... 👍🖖🤘🤙🌮
I Can’t Read
I Can’t Read 17 perccel
More adults will be there forgetting the kids 😂😂😂
Ricardo de Jesus Kessler da Rosa
Coitada da Bonnie além de perder o Forkie perde o Woody
Paris 17 perccel
Prix Moyen
Prix Moyen 17 perccel
Cool! www.ebay.fr/sh/lst/active
Ivan A Ruiz
Ivan A Ruiz 17 perccel
Just to find a fork I thought the story would’ve been better damn still watch it though
Hoax RS
Hoax RS 17 perccel
1:59 Andy looks different.... Look how they massacred my boy
Austin Kennedy
Austin Kennedy 18 perccel
Poor Tom Hanks can't even go for a car ride without getting stranded.
Ozzers Oz
Ozzers Oz 18 perccel
Aww, I liked it the way it was of there being 3, the originals, now a 4th one? Welp, I'm still gonna watch it because my childhood was based around it :)
This just made me nut
Hugo Guédon
Hugo Guédon 18 perccel
мульти мен
Ха ха офигенно
Andy Gumb
Andy Gumb 18 perccel
Is this film dark? 😂
Dan 18 perccel
The puppets remind me of the doll from goosebumps
Nikodem B
Nikodem B 18 perccel
Pixar in 90's: toy story will note be expanded. Pixar in 90's(still):welp, we made toy story 2! But we will still not make another toy story! Pixar in 2013: uh, ho, ho! We made toy story 3! BUUUUUUUUT this time no more toy story! No! Caput! That's a'll folks! Pixar in 2019: *AHH FquakCK IT!!!!!!!*
YouQuackMeUp 18 perccel
If you think about movies coming out, there’s really nothing new. Not saying there isn’t something good. But most of it is just a sequel or a live action remake. _disney_
Sidnee Casi
Sidnee Casi 19 perccel
I really hope they didn’t screw this one up...I’m actually nervous....
Jasjot Heer
Jasjot Heer 19 perccel
*No Army Men no me ,alright*
12wrx 19 perccel
Disney completely out of ideas
Obaid Tariq
Obaid Tariq 19 perccel
Number 1 on trending ?!
Pink_ Loves
Pink_ Loves 19 perccel
Looking forward to being in a theater with 18-20+ year olds I'm looking so forward to this!!!
ISHMAM TASNIM 20 perccel
I need a forky in my life who'll say everything's gonna be okay.
magmos 20 perccel
And now Bo Peep is another Generic Action Lady. Granted, there wasn't much to her before, but we've had so many Generic Action Ladies these days, that a Generic Girl Next Door would be a change of pace now!
Tomoko Kuroki
Tomoko Kuroki 20 perccel
Lmao another one if this keeps up they'll catch up to Harry Potter
Danna G
Danna G 20 perccel
sale en el mes de mi cumpleaños
vistaero 20 perccel
Not interested. I may see it if I ever catch it on TV though.
CucumberCheese 20 perccel
I could deal with the Bo Peep redesign IF her voice sounded the same. BUT IT DOESN'T. WHAT IS GOING ON.
Arnoldus Purwasunu
Arnoldus Purwasunu 20 perccel
For some reason i dont have a good feeling about this its just seems odd
Frost 20 perccel
RyanZ GamerZ
RyanZ GamerZ 20 perccel
Tyler Mcewan
Tyler Mcewan 20 perccel
I am not a toy.I was made for soup,salad,maybe chilly and then the trash.
Coca Pepsiclassic
Coca Pepsiclassic 20 perccel
June is about to be a great month
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